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The Facts You Learn at a Lloyd Irvin Rape Self Defense Seminar

A study published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that 1.27 million women were raped in 2010, which is the equivalent of a rape every 29 seconds. Some of these rapes were perpetrated against children, some against women who were incapacitated by alcohol; all demonstrate a terrifying degree of violence against women in the United States. Lloyd Irvin rape self defense seminars teach women how to protect themselves.

So how is a woman to protect herself from a violent attack? Not all rapes can easily be prevented, but recent statistics show that a woman who has taken a rape self defense seminar and who incorporates what she has learned into a daily practice, has a better than average chance of beating the odds. All women, no matter their age, physical size or strength, can participate in a self-defense course.

The objective of a rape self defense seminar is to empower women and teach them defensive concepts along with the techniques that will allow them to fend off perpetrators long enough to summon help or escape the situation. Police departments in every city in the United States have some sort of self-defense course in place for women because they believe they represent a realistic crime fighting tool.

Here is what a woman can expect when she enrolls in a comprehensive Lloyd Irvin rape self defense seminar:

- Awareness: Women will learn the importance of being aware of their environment at all times, along with being sensitive to domestic tensions that are escalating in violence. Safety strategies are an important part of this segment.
- Avoidance: Avoiding or reducing risk is deemed to be one of the most effective tools against violent rape. This includes being safe on dates and in domestic situations.
- Hands-On Self Defense Tactics: Women will be taught how to take advantage of the element of surprise and how to use it to their advantage. Instructors will demonstrate tactics and class participants will have an opportunity to practice in a safe environment.

A rape self defense seminar empowers women and provides them with useful tools to diminish feelings of vulnerability; they leave class with greater confidence and ability.