Morgan Lewis

Latest Writings


Bones upon bones
I sewn you to my skin
your lips the gateway
the prison
the cage between my ribs
where I place you
where I keep you



Sometimes I want to be erased

cease to exist among your pages

because existing brings attention

and attention brings pain

and in all honesty,

I’ve discovered

this world means less,

than I once thought

the meaning lost between years

of lying

of cheating

of blaming

and hate

yet to be isolated is lonely

- safe at best

no one to hurt you

no one to judge you

except yourself

and my mind is the courthouse

where I always stand trial

IF you convict me too

what’s the difference?

What’s the point?

The World & The Girl

The world will try to break me.
I hold my pieces together with glue.

The world will try to drown me.
I have learned how to swim.

The world will try to burn me.
I am incombustible.

The world will try to swallow me.
I have laced my skin with poison.

The world will try to forget me.
I have made my mark.

You wont ever annihilate me.
I will endure.

Land of Sheets

It's easy to be stoic
when the words barely graze your mind
it's easy to forget
the spells of a certain kind
But when words become skin and fingers
and lips
your nails in my veins
holding on to me like this

When kisses are stitches
promises like the sand
you filled me with gold
and sewed me up by hand

&there's just something about this barren land
and you ease my mind
my thoughts of you
when you hold my soul
what am I to do

when you're not for me
& I'm not for you

The beauty as I Rot

I've breathed your name
setting fire to this room just to keep you
"forget this world" you said
"with me you will see"
so I held your large hands
cut my soul upon the broken glass you brought me through
I let you tie this knot
across broken ribs
and you let me be the wanderer
as long as you held the power
I know what crawls behind your eyes at night
for it has lived within me for months
you took with you, a butterfly
caged within a jar
and you watched her silent beauty
as she would rot from a far

The Fate of the Rock

I was born of rock
crafted and shaped little stone
Ever since I was born
I've never been my own
Your sadness weathered my surface
your fears cracked my veins
No matter how I told you
My fate has been the same
You loved me,
your worn little rock
but I cannot hold you up when you're down
I'm tired of being the only one
living on the ground

Nice Guys, Nice Girls

They say
Nice guys always finish last
but it's the girls that don't even place
for it's easier to never know
than actually having a taste

Nice Girls, they go on believing
drink of love within their head
She loves
He loves (What lies within his bed)

Lovers get forgotten
Push from the doors within our home
There's not much room between the sheets
where others tend to roam

and they say we'll be wearing white
(what we slowly dipped in sin)
The damage cannot be undone
from all the "nice" men


I've come to the conclusion
I can never been the same;
'cause I've felt your heart
I've known your name
and God must have known of your greatness
to put you in this hole
for He gave you a beautiful smile
To heal our broken souls
and when He finally held your hand
Hearts were broken around the world
An angel now sitting in heaven
this beautiful
kind-hearted girl
and As cliche as it may be
You shown far brighter
than the stars,
far brighter than all of us,
- far brighter than me
I hate this world without you
It makes so sense
All this pain and suffering
at the goods' expense
but if I believed in anything
I believe in you
In a world of darkness
the light will break through

Night Fights

We are but broken things
set together by child's glue
and I've broken these bonds
bound to fuse
with a word
with a phrase
gambling away all the good
all the great in us (you)

I pushed you from the surface
with hands of ghosts past
meant to tumble
meant to fall
like it'd matter
like it'd last

And I am of a simple race
souls to the wayward wind
born to bleed
born to need
then throw it away again.


When you have selfish men, creatures of the senses, seekers of pleasure, there can be no peace; at some point in time, what one man sees as his own, will have found its place next to another. In that moment, nothing will stop the desire, the complete blood lust to achieve what is "rightfully" his, and all those who find themselves foolishly standing in the way shall acquire a cruel merciless end. There is no justice with these men; there's only bloodshed.

Little was know about the dismal bog we called home. Not even the eldest of souls seemed to tap into the full potential of the land. Vast and uncharted, they had wondered the wetlands, finding nearly no span of dry, sun kissed grass. Vegetation sprang from the watery grave at intervals, providing a meager supply of food. Water littered the land as far as the eye could see, and all that grew was damp, rotting within it's own life blood, just as we who dwell here seem to rot within our own paradise; waiting, always waiting for something, (if anything) to change the world we reflected. We were secluded. Therefore, in the elders eyes', we were safe.

When I was born, the souls of these people, my people, had intertwined with the land from years of living, dying, existing within it. This place was ours, and from what it seemed, it would remain so far past the years of my children many generations after us. I dreamed of little girls, bouncing, playing, breathing by my side. It was the females that were stewards of the land. Anything male (besides the heir) would be slaughtered at birth to prevent competition; That was just the way it was, and no one ever complained. However, just as their lives would perish, peace, at times is slaughtered as well. Of course, this was never our choice. It's never really anyone's choice to create destruction of their world.

Mother told me of a time, years after the deceased elders had arrived, of a birthing. That year, an heir had been born with the name of Caleb. He had grown strong, living up to every wish of our silent leader. However, this son wished naught to be slowly groomed into the throne, always rotting just as we did; no, as he grew, he would gradually test his father, finding ways to undermine him until he was a nuisance the stone-like man couldn't ignore. It was that day that our silent leader demanded his only son to leave. Few maidens left with him, cutting our numbers in half. Not everyone wish to wait, to rot within their own story as my mother had done, as her mother had done, so they left.

Rumors of Caleb came in waves. Some years, he was said to have stolen mares, killed those who spoke ill of him, and attempt to kill our leader. Others, there wasn't any word of the son whom fell from grace years ago. After a while, he was merely a story, meant to scare little ones from wandering past the mist. For three years, I never believed in him. The few times I slipped past my mother's watchful gaze, I found nothing but barren land past the mist. Yet, the year I became a woman, finally fit to attend meetings with the other maidens, and finally eligible to become a concubine to the king, I saw him for the first time.

I had foolishly wandered from our domain, too preoccupied with the curiosity of a new scent that I trailed him for a mile or two. Within an hour, I lost his trail only to find that the prey had been stalking the predator. Caleb over took me easily, planting aggressive kisses along my neck. Trapped, he forced himself upon me breathing taunting words within my ear. I never wanted this baby. I never wanted him. I never wanted this. Yet, Caleb didn't heed the screams that came from my frightened lips. He didn't even attempt to keep me when I hastily ran from him, after the whole ordeal.

When Spring came 'round again, everyone had known of the sins I had committed. They knew that this child was not one that had been planned by the court. This wasn't one carefully selected and times and given a name before I could even learn of it's existence. Adrian was small from the moment he was born. He mirrored ever bit of his fathers appearance, all except for his gentle eyes. These eyes belonged to my mother, and it was the only thing that allowed me to love him after all that had happened.

It didn't take long from them to drag him away, hastily silencing the screams of my only son long before I could speak against it; but I would have been silence, for this was the way that it was, even though I resented them. I hated them for the laws we must abide when this child was mine. I wasn't the only one that wished to end the reign of our merciless king. Within moments of my son screaming, shadows emerged from the mist. Caleb and his band moved swiftly towards injustice that had just been done. He nudged the body of our loveless child before starting a spark. A challenge towards my father, our leader.

I remember little after that moment. Bodies moved, water splashed then dyed red against the ink colored sky. Brother turned on brother, families were ripped to shreds, and no one seemed to bat an eyelash. My sobbing could barely be heard over the screams of anguish and rage that cut upon the silence that once hung before. I huddled next to the water staring at the child that once would have been mine. That wasn't my son anymore. Soon after my mother joined him, lifeless upon the floor. Easily a creature had came up behind me, knocking me out cold against the damp floor, and that was it. Everything was ruined. Everything was red.

When I came too, all that seemed to be left were the corpses littering the water. They stared up at me as if they were begging I save them from their permanent fate. I moved past them, counting each of my fallen loved ones in the water. I walked past my mother, my father, my son, and even the monster Caleb whom had started all this. I walked past the mist and the lands that laid ahead, and I wondered if I could walk forever and see them.

Depths of Fire

who are you
and who am I
and what are we doing here?
standing at the mouth
of fire in the depths
and you watch my eyes
to see truth where I lie
when I asked you to go
so I could be alone
and you grabbed my hand
when I leapt and take flight

Hearts to Hear

I would write these words as songs
If only I was more musical
so those who listen will understand
I'm here
I've been there
and it's okay to feel lost
It's okay to feel alone
like you're drowning in the sea
and no one is there to care
because not everyone has eyes to see
but we all have hearts to hear
and every story has importance
and if you don't have anyone
you can have me
because I needed a hand
when all there was were ghosts
& if I can save one soul
then my life is complete

My World is Lonely

My world is lonely
frozen over by the ice within your bones
to foreign to be apart of your world
I watch from behind the glass
& this is my world
the dark, dismal room
I feel like I've been reaching out
fingers hitting glass
and you all know nothing
too busy with you own life
to notice mine
& when the world is changing
and I see through new eyes
I don't even know who I am


After the ice consumed my world
this room froze over with death;
then came the sun
and warmth spread
to every little shadow
every little cranny
and leaf became green
and cheek, scarlet
as a single soul filled the room
this window glowed
Eden within
I was no longer lonely
I was suddenly found
Suddenly special
and so I glow
I glow for you
I'm glad you came


I feel it pulling,


dragging me away

& I'm not fighting

only watched

as darkness consumes my world

when I'm gone

It'll be okay

Another Sleepless Night

Can't sleep
a name still pumping through my veins
Can't sleep
still too much to say;
I love you
I need you
& when the moon comes out to play
It's my bones that stay awake

I've counted the stars
every galaxy far beyond my reach
yet with a curious finger
stretched to infinity
I could grasp it
when I can't grasp you

You seem further
than the lights within my sky
further than my world
worn thin soles
from the tales it's told

yet I feel you here
within mind - soul
far off, but close all the same
within my room
between these sheets
hand in mine
I could never feel alone
after all this time

Friendly Advice

You need to just stop
break the habit
like you've been breaking necks
& dear sir,
I know you think this taste of pain is better
(I've kissed it too)
(in fact, we were lovers)
You've been spreading so much fire
but haven't you heard?
when you play
- burned
so much fire
so much fire

and you need to quit pointing
before you lose your fingers
because lesser demons find it tasty
the fingers you use
and I'm not much better
when you claim I'd leave you
when you claim I'm different
well deserved
all the pain I acquired

Can you believe that?
All this time you've been proclaiming the end
as if you're a lone in this
but I've walked a block
or two of this world
I've got a scar or two
or three
or four
ran this race just a little faster
and I know this block
I know this league
even after it all,
still you disbelieve

years have passed
and history has been in rewind
and these problems have been around
you're not the only one
and the fact is,
you just need to grow up.
There are worse things than this.

Focal Point

I search today
moving through creatures
as if they weren't there
death, and pain,
swimming through the blood;
all the blood
it didn't matter;
there was only

I fight today
lay my beating heart
upon the table
in order to keep her
and it didn't matter
not when the corpses fell
not your father
your brother
your mother
not when all was stained crimson

I rest today
in this dark room we breathe
her heart beats
so close to mine
& under her cheeks rest what stains
and it doesn't matter
because I finally have her

I die today
searched the world for her
spilled all that would stain
and her dagger in my heart
my soul finally gives in
I lose
and it doesn't even matter;
because there was only

These Bones

You were the star in the night sky
the fire leading me home
and you held the broken bones;
from battles with life
with love
with fate
Held to the breast
as if your life lived with mine
inside that cage
intertwined feathers, we were

You set me within the soil
to see if roots would grow
and you sewn love back within my heart
even though you know it belonged to no one
but you

But who are you,
man with no face?
I've been screaming for so long
yet they make the only sound
the only voice in which you know
You have no time for these bones
this blossom
This flower in a different garden

You label me jealousy
label me bitter;
perhaps it is true.

I miss you.
I love you.
I need you.
Pay attention to me.
miss me.
Love me.
Need me.
and you dont.
Perhaps I missed it.
Perhaps you have grown.

You have no need of me.

Today is lonely, tomorrow is lost

I’m afraid of losing my best friend.
But I guess that’s how it is.
People pick and choose what they want.
And others get left behind.
Perhaps not intentionally
Maybe they wanted to take you too
but you’re not THE PLAN
you don’t belong with THE PLAN
just, somewhere along the way
reality crossed paths with their forever dreaming mind
and hooked up with opportunity, like gold
& they seize it like their last breaths of air
All for them
alone for them
but somehow you even have a plan of your own
washing the watercolors away of the life you once painted
your future, it seemed
and that’s just the way it is
its easy to follow your road to happiness
dare not look back to check for the ones behind you
because you have to do this
-for you
and it’ll be a sad day when we step off the road to see
just how far we’ve come
and you’ll realize how far back I am
at square one.
But you have to do what best for you
as for me; myself, and I.
but I’ll miss you
and I love you
and I’ll be seeing you

The Skeleton and the Stars

I saw you locked bones
between hate and all you promised
forgetting all the blood-inked stories
you once wrote in my name

born where beauty lies with the one who is beheld
and ending with a letter
a single name
all for me

& I never knew the one
she who breathes where I once breathed
she whom held the stars in her eyes
the bones whom leap from her skin
the one far greater than I

& I saw she broke your bones
just to escape your hold
leaving flowers by a grave you've always feared

How is it to be cold?
How is it to feel alone?
to lay where I once lied
to die where I once died

You sought the greatest treasures in the world
all for your hungry eyes
& you chose the stars
the fickle light that burns
to temporary to turn out

& I'll sit upon my throne
just so see you fall
knowing all to well
I never needed you at all

When You're a Harlot

When you're a harlot
you hide from the inevitable truth
you point out the other flaws
in order to sooth

When you're a harlot
one is not enough
once you liked to ride the pole
but now you decided you like muff

& When you're a harlot
you might as well be a pussy too
after all it's all you've got
to make these boys like you

& girl, you're a harlot
no one doubts its true
and none of the flaws you point out on me
will change that fact about you

The Witch

One year has fallen
back along its comrades on the sand
and still you spit your venom at the wind
and still you point and call us "witch"
like you never stood among us
So you speak in tongues
to the pigs and the sheep
animals of pleasure within their own mind
just to manipulate my story
like you knew it
like you were the one who wrote it
long before my time
but dear friend
while you speak of ill
honestly you piss into the wind
for with you're venom
you light a fire
to bring your own end

Second Rate

I loath the inevitable
the sirens come to call
slender waits, tempting waists
begging for hands, lips, and eyes
to explore, to taste
far more extravagant than the miss
back at home
the pearl whom you stole
slipped love into her wine
and carried her home
leaving for your wife, the sea
to see all that brings temptation
& surely to they, she is plain
& surely to they, she is not
but the weight on your soles
but it is she
the one that waits
gazing at fire upon the sea
to see her world reborn
but the sirens charm effortlessly
and they beg, they plead
& they turn their head to the changing tides
so you'll be forgotten
just as she
second class
second rate
eyes upon the world
when her eyes are just on you

Blood Upon my Soul

I know you haven't been the greatest
I could never even begin
to imagine your life
& i know you've been pained
dealt cards not even meant to ever be played
& it's terrible
the world is terrible
I'm terrible
I know
yet, even though you bleed it all,
there's days that I bleed too
not always
but sometimes
&you take the razor and cut some more
"Look at how terrible I am"
far more terrible than I,
you veil the blood upon my soul
and beg me to save you
so I push back down all that leaps
at the chance to leave me
& I swallow fire meant to burn you
just to save YOU
just to fix YOU
you know not what you do
but I'll stick your stitches and ease your pain
so you can open them again
while I bleed on the inside