English Drama Script-Age of Drug

By yuii

Age of Drug
Main character:
1.The Gang Leader-Bull
2.The Scamp(1)-Bill
3.The Scamp(2)-Ben
4.Police Officer-Lester
6.Detective's Deputy-Mack
7.Shop Owner-Wilson
8.Drug Dealer-Teddy
9.Detective's Son-Benjamin

(Light-On: Bill and Ben walk in to the center, looking for someone.
Followed by Teddy walk in, They blink eyes for recognition.)

Scene 1

Narrator: It's the year of drug, every gang get involved into this kind of business. And since there are too many of them, only with the help of the police force is not enough. And some one's dealing it right now.

Bill: Hey you, what take you so long, Teddy?
Teddy: Ah Bill, the traffic is bad outside, a car accident happened not far away from this block.
Ben: So we know, did you bring the stuff? Show us! Let me Ben try it.

Narrator: Teddy, Bill and Ben look around, make sure there's no one nearby.
Teddy take out 3 little bag of white powder-Cocaine.
Ben take a little amount of it and sniff)

Ben: (A relieved feeling) Oh man, that's great, where did you get that?
Teddy: (A evil smile) Business secret, can't tell.
Bill: Here's your money.

(Bill take out a bag of money and handed it to Teddy, Teddy walked away.)

Scene 2

Narrator: While Ben and Bill is on the way back to the 'headquarters', a young man walked by, his name is Benjamin.

Benjamin:(rubbing nose, head's downward) Hey guys, I was thinking if I could buy some good stuff from you today, and here you are!
Bill:(Put one arm on Benjamin's neck casually) You little thing, today's your lucky day, we just get some great stuff.
Ben:(Evil Happy) Yeah yeah.
Benjamin: Show me! Show me!

Narrator: Three of them walked into an alley for not being spotted by others.
(Ben take out one of the bag, and pour out a little amount of Cocaine on Benjamin's hand. Benjamin take a sniff.)

Benjamin:(Sniff a little, relieved, and turn into surprise)Get out, this can't be true, so pure, so good!
Ben & Bill: No cheat(shit), this is the purest Cocaine you will never get in your life time.
Benjamin:(Doubt) How much does it cost? It's good, too good for me though.
Ben: I think I should go back to 'camp' and ask Bull first.
Benjamin:(shallowly)He's the boss!

(Three of them walk away from the stage, Ben & Bill walk to left, Benjamin to right.)

Narrator: Ben, Bill & Benjamin gets back to 'camp', and talk to Bull, their leader.

Ben: Big brother, we just get some really nice stuff form Teddy, and this young man wanted to buy it, how much should we sell?
Bull:(Slowly) Ah, let me try it first.

(Ben pour a little Cocaine to Bull's hand, and Bull sniff it)

Bull: Oh, that's great. Ah, that Teddy, how come he get this?
Bill: Maybe is because he give us some bad stuff last time, and it killed a man, although we made it like a drug-overdoes, but it's our responsibility.
Bull: That make sense.

(Bill was very proud)

Ben: So, we sell it hot or sell it cold?
Bull:(A little bit serious)Sell it hot, of course!

(Bull left the stage)

Ben: The boss said we sell it hot, so it costs your six thousand dollars a bag.
Benjamin: What! SIX THOUSAND!
Ben: Yeah.
Bill: These baby are hot, if you haven't get the money, then you won't get it again.
Benjamin: Is there anything I can do to get this?
Ben: No!
Bill: No! Wait a second, Yes, there IS something you could do, if you would like to get this baby.
Benjamin: What? Tell me.
Bill: You rob a shop for us.
Benjamin: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay, I will do it.
Bill & Ben: That's my boy.

(Three of them walk away from the stage in the same direction, Benjamin walks between Bill and Ben.)

Narrator:Benjamin follow them to the shop which he is about to rob, and yet, he goes in, and walk out, but triggered the alarm.

Scene 3

Narrator: On the other side, Benjamin's dad, Detective Neal is working on an drug-overdose case.

(Neal walks around on the stage, taking some file on hand, beat his head by the file sometimes.)

Neal: (Murmured) Why couldn't I get this finished, it's just a drug-overdose, nothing else involved. But I just get a bad feeling about it.

(Deputy Mack knock on the door, Neal let him in.)

Mack:(anxious) Detective, there's a shop-lifting on east-downtown, we should go check it, it's about your son.

(Two of them walk away, The Shop owner Wilson and Police office Lester come out. Lester is asking Wilson some questions.
Neal and Mack join them a few second later, Stand aside watching for something.)

Narrator: When Detective Neal and Deputy Mack arrived, they are looking for Benjamin.

Neal: Where's my son, police officer?
Lester: Who's your son, sir?
Neal: Benjamin, Benjamin Franklin.
Lester: Sir, is this a joke? Benjamin Franklin?
Neal: Yes, Benjamin Franklin is my son.

(Lester walk away and talk to some guys off stage)

Lester: Oh yes, there's a Benjamin Franklin in the police car.

(Neal run to approach the vehicle)

Neal: Son!
Benjamin: Dad! ............................. I am sorry I did this.
Neal: Why you did this? I have get some money to you, why would you do this?
Benjamin: Ah......Ah.......... Dad, I am get involved with drug, I rob this shop for someone to get some real great Cocaine form them. I am sorry dad, I am so sor...
Neal: What? You get involved with drug? I have been trying to fight against drug, and you just run the different of mine direction. How ridiculous is this?
Benjamin: I am sorry dad.
Neal: It's okay, I am just blaming myself not have enough time to be with you, and teach you. It's all my fault. I am glad your safe. You know, I am working on a case that a young man like you died in a drug-overdose. I am thankful that you have triggered the alarm, or you might not in this world now.
Benjamin: A drug-overdose? I have heard something like that from Bull, the gang's leader who I tried to buy some Cocaine form.
Neal: Really?

(ALL people left the stage)

Narrator: Soon, Neal solve the drug-overdose case with the help of Benjamin, and Benjamin start to realize the importance to fight against drug.
People would do anything for what they want, the endless desire and greedy become the real part of us. So, stop chasing for something you like, but choosing something you really need and good to you.