Node.js resources

By Kevin

Dedicated Node.js websites and ebooks (with tutorials, explanations, …)

Nodejitsu's blog
Mastering Node
The node beginner book

Some interresting tutorials and articles

O'reilly's Up and Running with Node.js
Nettuts screencast to get you started
Daily JS Let's make a web app
Realtime HTML5 Canvas Drawing with WebSockets, Node.JS &
Daily JS post on hosting Node apps
Essential Node.js patterns and snippets
Asynchronous Code Design with Node.js
Layers – Layered Architecture for node.js made easy




Express, probably the most used Node.js framework
Express boilerplate
Geddy, modular full featured framework
Connect, middleware framework
Socketstream : A framework built around the Single-page Application paradigm Full featured IO framework

Usefull modules

Run you programs continuously and monitor it

Node supervisor runs your programs and watch for code changes
Nodemon monitors you files changes
Logio monitors your apps logs

Tasks automatization

Buildr.npm : The (Java|Coffee)Script and (CSS|Less) (Builder|Bundler|Packer|Minifier|Merger|Checker)
Jake : JavaScript build for Node.JS

Database handling

Cradle : Powerfull CouchDB client
Mongoose : MongoDB object modeling tool
Node-sqlite : NodeAsync SQLite3 bindings for node
PersistenceJS : Database mapper library

Form requests handling

Formaline : Form request handling


Jade template engine
JSDOM: CommonJS implementation of the dom
XML2JS : XML to Javascript object converter


Stylus : Clean and extensive css
Less4Clients : Renders LESS files serverside

Working with files, images, …

Findit : easily walk directory tree
PDFkit : PDF generator
Node GD binding


UglifyJS : 1JavaScript parser / mangler / compressor / beautifier library

Command line

Easy Node.js command line interfaces with Commander.js

Data visualization

Cube: Time series visuelisation

Websockets Cross browser web sochets
NowJS, creates a namespace Now accessible from bote server and client side


Browserling opensourced 90 modules

And the bonus, a little help sheet

Gosquared's helpsheet